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ICON Treatment

ICON Treatment

If your kid or teen has undergone orthodontic treatment, they might feel frustrated if they notice little white spots on the surface of their teeth. White spot lesions (WSLs) might happen after removing traditional braces and are often caused by the demineralization of enamel. Not only can WSLs be frustrating and detrimental to a person’s confidence, but they can also contribute to tooth sensitivity and signify early decay.

Icon Resin Infiltration is a groundbreaking dental esthetics method used to treat the onset of white spot lesions and other shades of minor carious lesions without drilling or anesthetic.

Our Approach to Treating White Spots Lesions

For these reasons, Dr. Kruti Sanghavi and the Floss Boss Pediatric Dentistry team can perform ICON treatment to tackle white spot lesions and other enamel defects in a single, short visit. Plus, the ICON Resin Infiltration system is safe for kids, and there are virtually no side effects to using this treatment.

Would my child benefit from ICON Treatment?

Dr. Sanghavi can decide if your kid or teen is a candidate for ICON treatment at a comprehensive consultation. If tooth decay is in its primary stages, ICON can be a conservative, ideal treatment for young patients. Typically, ICON Resin Infiltration allows us not to need to fill or treat the teeth in other ways.

On the other hand, deep, extensive decay might necessitate the need for a dental filling or tooth crown. The ICON Resin Infiltration system alone will not be adequate to fix this type of damage or decay.

What happens during ICON Resin Infiltration?

The ICON Resin Infiltration System allows the Floss Boss team to improve the appearance of white spot lesions without needing dental drills or numbing agents. Plus, the procedure only takes a few minutes to perform at our Flemington, NJ, kids dental office.

First, our team cleans and dries the enamel. Then, we use a rubber dam to keep the tooth isolated and dry. Next, we use a small vial of ICON liquid and squirt it onto the tooth’s surface, allowing it to marinade the unwanted white spots for a moment. After treatment, we cure the tooth with light to activate the ICON treatment.

How long will ICON treatment last, and is it worth it?

It’s important to understand that ICON Treatment is not permanent, and more rounds of treatment might be needed in the future. Still, the effects typically last for a few years (and some patients have experienced even longer results with proper care). To ensure that ICON treatment lasts as long as possible and to keep the white spots from returning, maintain proper oral hygiene and health and avoid acidic foods, which tend to break down enamel.

Although this is not a permanent cosmetic dentistry solution, many patients and their families feel empowered after undergoing ICON treatment to treat annoying WSLs.

Re-mineralize Your Child’s Smile in Just One Visit

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