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Nerve Treatments

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Nerve Treatments

Nerve Treatments

Nerve treatments, also known as a pulpotomy, is the procedure of removing infected pulp or nerves from primary tooth. If left untreated, the infection can spread to other parts of the body and in some cases cause pain, fever and abscess. Depending on the symptoms your child is having, our clinical exam and evaluation from dental radiographs, we may recommend this course of treatment.

Benefits of nerve treatments

The advantages of nerve treatments are as follows:

  • It helps your child to get rid of pain caused by infected tooth roots.
  • It prevents the decay from spreading to the permanent tooth bud under the primary tooth and helps in preserving the natural tooth.
  • Procedure is completed in one visit along with a crown that the tooth is generally restored with.

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Why nerve treatment?

Many times, we recommended nerve treatments in teeth with sensitivity or cavities already into the nerve. Most parents ask, “It is a baby tooth, why not just pull it?”

The consideration for saving the tooth versus extracting it, is based on multiple factors. We have to assess:

  • How badly is the tooth damaged?
  • Has it already affected the permanent tooth?
  • When will the tooth naturally fall out?
  • Is the tooth infected?

Our dental team will thoroughly check their teeth first, take the necessary radiographs then provide all the treatment options that we recommend. We will customize our treatment plan on scientific methods and clinical expertise to ensure your child has the best standard of care.

After care

There may be some post op sensitivity after the treatment but we will go over all the necessary precautions with you! Our team will call you after your visit to follow up or if you have any questions, please call us at (908) 751-0770.