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Dental Esthetics

Dental Esthetics

Once upon a time, there was a cherished moment in life when your kids didn’t care what they did or what they looked like. Then one day, this sweet innocence changes, and they start to notice the world around them and how they feel about themselves. Furthermore, kids today seem to feel increasingly deep social pressure to look a certain way. If your child feels bashful or unsatisfied with their smile, what can parents do to support them and help boost their self-esteem?

Our Philosophy for Child-Centric Cosmetic Dentistry

As a parent herself, Dr. Kruti Sanghavi of Floss Boss understands that there’s a delicate balance between giving children what they want and doing what’s best for them. So, why not undergo dental esthetic solutions that are safe and have your child’s overall well-being in mind?

Dr. Sanghavi is not just a cosmetic dentist, but she’s a pediatric dentist first. This means that she’s an expert in understanding how different dental esthetic treatments will impact your child’s general dental health and help find solutions suitable for their unique stage of life. By prioritizing the health of your child’s teeth and gums, our cosmetic dentistry treatments tend to have better outcomes.

Our Approach to Dental Esthetics

After learning more about your child’s oral health condition, at-home care regimen, and well-being, we recommend or approve dental esthetic candidacy on a case-by-case basis. Generally, the following cosmetic dentistry treatments are intended to help improve confidence and overall facial aesthetics:

Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic Bonding

ICON Treatment

She will also give you tips about maintaining the results while performing the procedure in a safe and friendly environment.

Frequently Asked Questions: Dental Esthetics

1. What causes tooth discoloration among children and teens?

Several external and internal causes can lead to tooth discoloration among children, like:

  • Poor oral hygiene habits and plaque build-up
  • Consuming staining foods and drinks
  • Certain medications, like tetracycline
  • Trauma or infections in a baby tooth can stain a permanent tooth
  • Weaker or hypoplastic teeth

2. How old does my child need to undergo cosmetic dentistry?

In short, it depends on the type of cosmetic dentistry treatment offered. By way of illustration, a younger child that needs chipped tooth repair could benefit from cosmetic bonding. However, we wouldn’t recommend teeth whitening to the same younger child. However, the only way to know if dental esthetic treatment is appropriate for your child is to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation at our easily accessible Flemington, NJ office.

3. Should my child undergo teeth whitening or other dental esthetic treatments?

Starting cosmetic dentistry is a personal choice regarding the child, the parent, and Dr. Sanghavi. Our nearby Hillsborough dentist will review your options and determine if these treatments could benefit your child. Also, it’s essential to know that cosmetic dental treatments are an investment often not covered by insurance.

Boost Your Kid’s Confidence with Cosmetic Dentistry

Your child should have a smile they’re proud to show off, and if your child is self-conscious about their smile, speak to the Floss Boss team about our wide range of kid-appropriate dental esthetic treatments. For questions regarding aesthetics, please call us at (908) 860-8913, text us, or email us at [email protected]. We will arrange an appointment for you with our team!