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Cosmetic Binding

Cosmetic Binding

Unfortunately, kids tend to run around and be more careless about their teeth than adults, which is just the nature of being young. Still, this expected carelessness can necessitate dental procedures to repair minor damage (like a chipped tooth).

Cosmetic bonding is a straightforward, convenient, and pain-free dentistry option. For these reasons, it’s not uncommon for a kids dentist to recommend cosmetic bonding for children that need to repair something minor.

Our Approach to Improving a Small Gap or Slightly Chipped Tooth

As kids grow older, they often become more self-aware of their appearances, including their teeth—and fixing minor damage might improve their poise. Dr. Kruti Sanghavi of Floss Boss Pediatric Dentistry in Flemington, NJ, might suggest cosmetic bonding as a dental esthetics option for kids with cracks or chips on the surface of their teeth. Over time, these seemingly minor issues can misshape the tooth. So, cosmetic bonding can help keep teeth in a more uniform shape.

Would my child benefit from cosmetic bonding?

Like dental fillings, cosmetic bonding can hide all the common dental imperfections (like chips, cracks, or small gaps) while leaving most of the healthy tooth structure intact.

That said, cosmetic bonding might not be the best option for a child’s baby tooth that will fall out soon—since it will soon be replaced with a permanent tooth. Also, if your child has severely broken teeth or a deeply cracked front tooth, this might not be the ideal treatment for them. In these scenarios, cosmetic boning is like butting a Band-Aid on an open wound. While it might seem like an easy fix, it’s not a permanent or appropriate solution.

What happens during cosmetic bonding?

At Floss Boss, we do our best to help our young patients and their parents feel comfortable and relaxed during kids’ dental procedures, including cosmetic bonding. Before starting this dental esthetic procedure, we will review the benefits of treatment, what the process will be like, and take time to answer questions. Typically, this procedure can be completed without sedation dentistry. Still, if your child struggles with dental phobia or dental anxiety, Dr. Sanghavi can provide sedation to help ease worry.

After the initial consultation, the cosmetic bonding treatment itself is simple. First, Dr. Sanghavi gently etches the enamel to help the cosmetic bonding stick and reduce the risk of complications. Then, she will apply the composite resin and cure it with powerful light rays. If needed, Dr. Sanghavi will lightly polish the surface of the teeth to ensure that they feel smooth and natural.

Book a Consultation for Cautious Cosmetic Bonding for Kids

While cosmetic bonding for children may initially sound strange, it can keep your kid’s smile looking natural, healthy, and complete. Working with a family-friendly dentist in Flemington, like Dr. Sanghavi, helps make the process even more seamless because she understands the multi-faceted demands of children’s dentistry and the kids she serves.

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