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Behavior Guidance and Management

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Behavior Guidance and Management

Behavior Guidance and Management

Apart from brushing, flossing, and maintaining oral hygiene, your child needs regular visits to the pediatric dentist to establish a rapport. At Floss Boss Pediatric Dentistry, we strive to provide quality dental care for all children in a unique and nurturing environment. We are willing to work with speech therapists, ABA therapists, and any other health professional to provide a customized approach to desensitize children. We want to make the experience as fun as possible for them!

Children show a wide range of different temperaments. As pediatric dentists, we are trained to have a wide range of behavior guidance techniques to meet the needs of every patient. Behavioral management consists of simple and complex techniques to treat children in a complete and constant process. This process helps with desensitization to establish a positive relationship between the child and the pediatric dental team, which decreases phobia and anxiety. This, in turn, creates an adult dental patient that will follow up with routine dental treatments without dental anxiety.

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Our office provides different techniques ranging from desensitization, tell-show-do, distraction, hypnosis, nitrous oxide, IV sedation and hospital dentistry. Dr. Sanghavi is a board-certified pediatric dentist with experience in behavior management. More information on the different techniques can be provided by calling us or coming for a consult.

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