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Trusted Flemington NJ Children’s Dentistry

Trusted Flemington NJ Children’s Dentistry

Every child deserves dentistry that understands them. At Floss Boss Pediatric Dentistry for kids, your little one can receive complete dental care at the best pediatric dentist near me, Flemington, NJ. We want to keep your kids smiling for years to come.

Our Philosophy for Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Kruti Sanghavi provides contemporary, safe, and time-tested kids’ dental treatments in a nurturing, family-friendly, and engaging environment for patients throughout Hunterdon County.

Our Approach to Dentistry for Children

The experienced Floss Boss crew treats kids of all ages. We make every effort to ensure that every young patient who visits feels confident in our dental services and themselves.

Infant Exams
Dental Sealants
Silver Diamine Fluoride
Dental Exams & Cleanings
Tooth Extractions
Dental Fillings
Digital Radiographs
Space Maintainers
Dental Crowns

Frequently Asked Questions: Pediatric Dentistry

  1.   How old for the first dental visit?

Although your child might not be physically big enough to sit in a dentist’s chair, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to see them! The age for first dental visit (or lap visit) is typically when their first tooth appears or no later than his or her first birthday.

  1.   What’s the difference between family and pediatric dentistry?

Although family dentists and pediatric dentists can both treat children, family dentists are general physicians, and pediatric dentists are more specialized and considered the pediatricians of dentistry.

Furthermore, pediatric dentists (like Dr. Sanghavi) have additional years of specialty training after dental school. Pediatric dentists provide general and specialty dental care for infants, children, and teenagers—including those who need special needs dentistry, help dealing with dental anxiety, and more.

  1.   What can parents do to help prevent cavities?

One common stressor among almost all parents is the worry about their kids developing cavities. Maybe they experienced tooth decay at a young age or have heard horror stories. Regardless, the most common childhood illness is largely preventable.

Most pediatric dentistry providers suggest parents take their children to their children’s dentist regularly and early. At Floss Boss, Dr. Sanghavi can recommend an individualized regimen of dental cleanings and other treatments at home and regular dental visits. Our Flemington, NJ, pediatric dental team wants to help give your child a lifetime of healthy habits to prevent tooth decay—including diet advice, dental hygiene techniques, and more.

  1.   How often does my kid need to see their children’s dentist?

Generally, one dental check-up every six months can help prevent tooth decay and other dental problems. Still, Dr. Sanghavi, our kids’ dentist, can give guidance on when and how often your kid should visit our Flemington, NJ, dental office based on their oral health and needs.

  1.   Does teeth cleaning hurt?

In short, all types of dental cleaning methods should not hurt. But if a young patient does experience sensitivity or pain, it could be due to an underlying factor, such as a cavity.

Discover the Floss Boss Difference

For more information about our pediatric dental procedures, services, and treatments or to learn more about what makes Floss Boss stand out, call us at 908-860-8913, conveniently message us online, or visit our readily accessible kids’ dental office in Flemington, NJ.