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Is It Better to Pull a Baby Tooth or Place a Crown?

Is It Better to Pull a Baby Tooth or Place a Crown?

Because baby teeth naturally fall out, some wonder if it’s okay to help the process along instead of treating a baby tooth that has cavities. While baby teeth are “replaceable” in a sense, they play a vital role in the future health of your child’s teeth and gums.

A pediatric dentist can help you foster a healthy environment for your child’s teeth and gums. If restorative dentistry is needed, you can find Flemington crowns for kids at Floss Boss pediatric dentistry.

Pulling a Tooth Too Early Leaves the Gums Open to Infection

When the adult tooth isn’t ready to grow in, extracting a tooth will leave the gums exposed until the tooth is ready. As your child eats, the gums are vulnerable to injury and irritation that can lead to gum recession, food traps, and gum disease.

In addition, it’s important for your child to brush exposed gums with toothpaste. Failing to do this could allow bacteria to develop and jeopardize the health of the adult tooth. When gums recede after trauma or infection, they don’t grow back. Receding gums will cause a number of oral health problems down the line.

Baby Teeth Are Needed to Guide the Adult Tooth Into Place

A baby tooth becomes loose enough to pull when the adult tooth erupts and pushes it out. The baby tooth acts as a placeholder for the adult tooth by keeping the surrounding teeth from crowding in and covering the eruption zone.

If the surrounding teeth are allowed to shift, it will make it more difficult for the new tooth to erupt, likely resulting in the need for braces in the future. Plus, without this guide showing the adult tooth where to grow, it may come in crooked or displaced.

Sometimes Your Child’s Dentist Can Use Spacers if a Tooth Must Be Pulled

It is possible that the tooth is too damaged or decayed to fix with a crown. In that case, the dentist would be able to use dental space maintainers. These are metal fixtures that attach to an existing tooth and push against the tooth on the opposite side to keep them from crowding into that space.

Your Child’s Oral Health Predicts Their Adult Oral Health

Research shows that a child’s oral health directly influences their adult oral health. Per A Life Course Perspective on Health Trajectories and Transitions via the National Institute of Health (NIH), these effects are long-term because:

  • Bacteria colonize in the oral cavity
  • Tooth loss and damage to dental hard tissue are irreversible

Establishing healthy routines…preventing and treating cavities–these pave the way for better oral health throughout your child’s adult life. We know that some barriers exist that may make it more difficult to protect your child’s teeth and treat dental problems, so it’s important to find a pediatric dentist you can trust to help you.

Floss Boss Provides Flemington Crowns for Kids

If you’re searching for a pediatric dentist in Flemington, NJ, we hope you’ll consider Floss Boss. Our team specializes in every stage of pediatric dentistry from infants to teens. Our training and specialty certifications allow us to provide comfortable, compassionate, and quality care for your children.

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